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Celebration 喜报

Congratulations to BC on their victory in the 2024 friendship match against WA! RCC team members Alvin, Jimmy, Sky, Aiden Zhu, Andrew, and Aiden Yin all performed exceptionally well. Young Alvin even managed to defeat an opponent with a rating twice as high as his own. Everyone showed outstanding performance! 👍

恭喜BC在2024年和WA的友谊对抗赛中取胜,RCC队员Alvin,Jimmy、Sky、Aiden Zhu、Andrew、Aiden Yin皆表现出色,小Alvin一举击败比自己积分高一倍的选手,大家都表现太棒了👍

RCC team member Ryan clinched the first place in the international chess competition held in Madrid, Spain.


At the Vancouver Chess Festival held on April 13th and 14th, RCC competition class members Joanne and Sky defeated opponents rated 300 and 500 points higher than themselves, respectively. their performance ratings exceeded their own ratings by over 300 points! 

在4月13、14日举行的Vnacouver Chess Festival中,RCC竞赛班Joanne及Sky在比赛中分别击败了比自己高300、500分的对手,当场表现分高于自己积分300多分!

In the BC Chess Challenge 2024, Bowen from Class K and Aiden from 4th grade achieved first place in the province, becoming teammates for the provincial team to compete in the Eastern region in May! Jimmy from 1st grade earned second place, Sky from 3rd grade earned third place, and Andrew from 4th grade also earned third place.

在2024 BC国际象棋挑战赛中,K班的Bowen,和4年级的Aiden获得BC省全年级第一,成为省队队友5月出战东部!1年级的Jimmy荣获第2名,3年级的Sky荣获第3名,4年级的Andrew荣获第3名

All level Youth players are welcome!

Date: Aug 3-4,Aug 10-11,Aug 17-18Aug 24-25

Details:  8-Round Swiss, 25 min + 0 sec 

Format:U800, Open (CMA rated)

2 Day schedule Round 1 at 10:00 am

                                  Round 2 at 11:00 am

                                      Post-game analysis:12:00-13:00 pm

                                  Round 3 at 13:00 pm

                                  Round 4 at 14:00 pm

                                      Post-game analysis:15:00-16:00 pm

Tie-break: decided by computer calculation

Bye: Maximum of two byes allowed of 0.5 points per bye

Prizes:  The top three players will receive medals and gifts.

LunchPizza、Hot dog、Soda

Each Weeked Entry Fee: $120     RCC Club Members$100

Online registration only, Maximum 34 players per tournament. 48 Hour cancellation policy.



Open to all players,all levels are welcome!

Dates: Sep 15, 2024 

Location: Thompson Community Centre, Richmond 

Details:  4-Round Swiss, 50 min + 10 sec ,CFC rated


Round 1 at 9:00 am

Round 2 at 11:00 am

Round 3 at 2:00 pm

Round 4 at 4:00 pm

Ceremony at 6:30 pm


CFC rated: (Adults and Juniors)

* Open Section: CFC Regular rating 1301 & Above

* U1300 Section: CFC Regular rating 1300 and below,orUnrated (No Chess Rating)

CMA rated:(only Juniors )

* U800 Section: CMA rating 800 and below, or Unrated (No Chess Rating)

* U500 Section: CMA rating 500 and below, or Unrated (No Chess Rating) 

Play up fee: $20 no more than 100 points; 

Bye: You may request a maximum of two ½ point byes. No byes on Round 4 (requests for a bye on Round 4 will be ignored, or you will receive a 0-point bye) 


OPEN: $300+The trophie

            $150+The trophie,

            $75+The trophie,

U1300: $100+The trophie,

             $50+The trophie,

             $25+The trophie,

CMA: top three will receive trophies The best girls in each section will receive medals

there will be a draw before each round

Tie-break: decided by computer calculation

Entry fee: $70, $60 early bird before Aug 11. Free entry for GMs ,WGMs, IMs, WIM's ,FMs , CM's

RCC Club Members $50

Online registration only, Maximum 120 players.NO Refund After Sep 10.

All level players are welcome!

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 16:00-17:40

Format:U450,U700,U1000, Open (CMA rated)

Details:  3-Round Swiss, unrated, 15 min + 0 sec 

Entry Fee: $20      RCC Club Members $15

Online registration only, Maximum 20 players per tournament.24 Hour cancellation policy.

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