All level players are welcome!

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 18:00-20:00



3 min + 2 sec increment per move 

1st:$60 , 2nd: $30 , 3rd: $15

Entry Fee: $20     

Online registration only, Maximum 36 players per tournament. 24 Hour cancellation policy.

 All level players are welcome!

Date: Every Wednesday 

Time: 16:00-17:40 (U450,U700,U1000, Open)

Format:U300, U600, U1000, Open (CMA rated)

Entry Fee: $20      RCC Club Members $15

Online registration only, maximum 24 players per tournament.

24 Hour cancellation policy.

Location: 8911 Beckwith Road #230, Richmond

All level players are welcome!

Dates: Every Wednesday 18:00-20:30pm

Location: 8911 beckwith road #230,Richmond

Details:  3-Round Swiss, CFC Quick Rated, 15 min + 10 sec 

Prize Fund: Top player $50

 Entry fee: $25,   RCC Club Members $20

Online registration only, Maximum 24 players per tournament.24 Hour cancellation policy.

Bindi Cheng CFC (peak) 2548, the 2006 Canadian Junior Champion and IM since 2011. I also achieved 2650 performance in a 9 round swiss in the 2013 DC International.

All level players are welcome!

Date:  Sept 22,2023

Time: 14:00-17:00 

Entry Fee: $30      RCC Club Members $20

Online registration only, Maximum 20 players.

Exclusive member registration until September 15th, open to the public on September 16th. 

Chess Club Battle Tournament 


This is a competition and challenge between students from two chess clubs, offering the best practice opportunity. Throughout this process, friendship, rivalry, adjustment, and progress are all encompassed! 


Rules for RCC Chess Tournament

1. Eligibility

1.1 Participants must be under the age of 18 and meet Canadian citizenship or legal residency requirements.

1.2 Participants must possess a basic understanding of the rules of international chess, with different levels of tournaments having varying requirements.

2. Tournament Categories

2.1 The tournament will be divided into different categories based on participants' age and skill level, such as Children's Division, Youth Division, etc.

2.2 Each category will have its own rating ranking, as well as awards and honors.

3. Tournament Format

3.1 The tournament may use standard international chess rules.

3.2 The tournament may adopt the Swiss system pairing format to ensure participants play against opponents of similar skill levels.

4. Time Controls

4.1 Different time controls may be set, such as per-move time limits, total game time limits, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of the tournament.

5. Scoring Rules

5.1 Victory: Participants who win a game will receive 1 point.

5.2 Draw: If a game ends in a draw, both participants will receive 0.5 points.

5.3 Loss: Participants who lose a game will not receive any points.

6. Cumulative Rating Points

6.1 Participants will accumulate rating points during the tournament.

6.2 At the end of the tournament, the participant with the highest rating points will be awarded the championship, and others will be ranked accordingly.

7. Rewards and Recognition

7.1 Medals, cash prizes, or awards will be given to the top-ranking participants.

7.2 After the tournament concludes, participants' ratings and performance will be recorded, potentially impacting their rankings and qualifications in national and international competitions.

8. Code of Conduct

8.1 All participants and spectators must adhere to the principles of sportsmanship and fair play.

8.2 Any misconduct, including cheating and inappropriate behavior, will be subject to penalties.

9. Referees and Arbitration

9.1 Disputes during the tournament will be resolved by referees or an arbitration committee.

9.2 Referees' decisions are final, and participants and spectators are expected to respect and abide by them.

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